The Fund for Greater Hartford, a private, independent foundation, believes in the power of stakeholders working together to ensure children in our region are academically and socially proficient. The Fund provides thought leadership and financial support to nonprofit organizations and collaborations that apply best practices to their work and demonstrate measurable outcomes.

Specifically, The Fund for Greater Hartford believes that every child deserves a strong foundation in which to grow and develop. We know from research that children who reach age-appropriate developmental milestones enter kindergarten with the skills needed to learn and grow socially. We understand the importance of children reading on grade level through grade 3 and how this empowers a child to use reading to learn academically. We also understand that students in fourth grade through graduation need different kinds of support that allow them to develop their own sense of independence and self-esteem; two traits of success that will carry them through and beyond their high school years.

Grant funds are available to nonprofit organizations, collaboratives and partnerships that support The Fund’s vision and apply best practices, creative and cost-effective approaches, with a history of delivering measurable outcomes.

The Fund for Greater Hartford does not consider a grant proposal to constitute confidential information.   We may discuss organizations or grant inquiries with other funders, individuals identified within the proposal, outside experts, and other appropriate people in the community.  Information you consider to be confidential or proprietary should not be included in your proposal.

Grant recipients are expected to demonstrate in all aspects of their operations full compliance with legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual preference, or disability. Further, it is expected that grant recipients will actively seek diversity in their governance and program staff.

We offer funding for the following types of grant opportunities:

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