Please note:

**The grant management system cannot be accessed unless a grant cycle is open. Refer to the “Application Deadlines” page for further information regarding timelines.

**The Fund does not accept letters of intent or applications submitted through email or mail. All submissions are completed in the grant management system.

**The Fund for Greater Hartford does not consider a grant proposal to constitute confidential information. We may discuss organizations or grant inquiries with other funders, individuals identified within the proposal, outside experts, and other appropriate people in the community. Information you consider to be confidential or proprietary should not be included in your proposal.


  1. Visit the individual grant opportunity pages on the website to learn more about The Fund’s available grants and corresponding deadlines.
  2. When a letter of intent or application cycle is open, download step-by-step directions on how to register your organization on The Fund’s grant management system. If your organization received a grant after November 2017, you can use your original login and password.
  3. Click on the e-CImpact logo below to be directed to the grant management system. Once in the system, download  instructions from the “Resource Center” to help you complete the necessary forms.