What are the grant deadlines?
Please refer to the “Grant Information” section of the website for the application deadline dates and funding guidelines.

I noticed that The Fund now has only two grant cycles. May I apply in both grant cycles?
No, you must choose which grant cycle you would like to apply within. The only exception is the Trauma-Informed Practice Training Fund. An organization may apply within one grant cycle and additionally also apply for training funds.

I cannot find the link to the online grants management system or access directions on how to use the system?
The link to access the online grants management system and the directions are on the “How to Apply” page.

I operate a program outside of The Fund’s geographic boundaries but children from a town that you support will attend our program. Am I eligible to apply?
No, because The Fund has limited resources, the geographic boundaries are strictly enforced. The program must take place within our geographic boundaries in order for you to apply. We understand that your organization’s headquarters may reside in a town outside of our geographic boundaries but the program for which you are applying must take place within those boundaries.

How many copies of the application do you need?
We do not accept hard copies of letters of intent, applications or reports. All letters of intent, applications and reports are completed within the grant management system. Please refer to the “Grant information” section of the website for further details.

How firm is the deadline?
We adhere firmly to all deadlines. All letters of intent, applications and reports are submitted online and the system will not accept submissions after the deadline.

I am not sure our program meets your requirements. What do I do?
The Fund staff person is available to field phone calls and e-mails to answer any questions that arise as you consider whether to apply.