New Report by the Collective Impact Forum Published

By March 8, 2018 News

The report below, “When Collective Impact has an Impact”, was commissioned by the Collective Impact Forum to provide a balanced, independent assessment of whether and how collective impact is contributing to population- and systems-level outcomes. Over 200 sites were considered for the study, and two in CT were ultimately selected. 

The study found that collective impact initiatives can and have contributed to population change, and reveals implications for stakeholders, including:

  • Collective Impact is a long-term proposition; take the time to lay a strong foundation
  • Systems change is iterative; build the infrastructure to support iteration
  • Equity is achieved through different routes; be aware, intentional, and adaptable
  • Collective impact initiatives take on different roles in driving change; be open to different routes to making a difference

Additionally, the study unpacked how different types of early outcomes and systems changes mattered and explored how equity capacity, representation, and action are part of leading to equity outcomes.

Download the full report or the executive summary to learn more.